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Large Format Screen Printing

Why Wide Format Screen Printing?

Large-format screen printing creates visually striking prints on a variety of surfaces, including banners, posters, signage, and more. This printing method is ideal for producing high-quality images with sharp color saturation and is ideal for outdoor advertising, promotional displays, and brand campaigns.

At Classic Printing and Signs, we've been providing wide format screen printing services in Birmingham, AL for over 30 years that creates a strong impact for brands. And these days, we can ship anywhere! Our modern equipment and professional team ensure your designs come to life.

Benefits of Large Format Screen Printing

  • Reliability: Screen printing provides long-lasting results, making it ideal for outdoor signage, banners, and displays.
  • Multi-functionality: Screen printing can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, from fabric to rigid materials, from fabric to rigid materials, offering endless customization possibilities.
  • Vibrant Colors: Achieve rich, saturated colors that stand out and grab attention, even from a distance.
  • Value For Money: Despite its high-quality results, screen printing remains affordable for large format printing projects.
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Difference Between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Screen Printing

  • Process: Screen printing involves pushing ink through a mesh stencil onto the printing surface. It helps produce bright images on dark surfaces.
  • Suitable Materials: Ideal for printing on paper, fabric, plastic, and metal.
  • Color Saturation: Screen printing produces vibrant, opaque colors perfect for vivid designs.

Digital Printing

  • Process: Digital printing uses digital files to apply ink directly onto the printing surface, which helps produce precise and detailed results.
  • Suitable Materials: Best suited for paper and flexible materials, especially for complex designs and variable data printing.
  • Color Accuracy: Provides excellent color accuracy and consistency, making digital printing suitable for detailed graphics and photographic prints.


Vehicle Wraps

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Key Features of Our Wide Format Screen Printing Services


High-Quality Results

Our skilled artisans meticulously inspect each print to ensure superior quality and consistency.

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Customization Options

We can accommodate your unique requirements whether you need a small batch of posters or large-scale signage

Wide Format Commercial Screen printing for signs and promotional products.

Quick Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, which is why we strive to deliver your prints on time every time.

Wide Format Commercial Screen printing for signs and promotional products.

Personalized Service:

Our team provides personalized attention and guidance throughout the printing process

Create Custom Large Format Screen Printing Designs with Classic Printing

Elevate your brand with custom large format screen printing designs from Classic Printing and Signs. Contact us today to discuss your project and bring your vision to life. There are several types of large format screen printing, each customized to specific applications and requirements. Here are some common types:

Flatbed Screen Printing

This method involves laying the substrate flat on a printing bed and using a screen to apply ink onto the surface. It's suitable for rigid materials like wood, metal, plastic, and glass.

Cylinder Screen Printing

In this technique, the substrate is wrapped around a cylindrical surface, and the screen moves along the length of the cylinder to apply ink. It's often used for printing on cylindrical objects like bottles, tubes, and containers.

Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing

Our team provides personalized attention and guidance throughout theAlso known as web screen printing, this method involves feeding a continuous roll of flexible substrate (such as fabric, vinyl, or paper) through a series of rollers and screens to print designs. printing process

Oversized Screen Printing

This type of screen printing utilizes specially designed screens and equipment to print on exceptionally large surfaces, such as building wraps, vehicle wraps, and stadium banners.

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