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Wide Format Screen Printing

Screen printed signs

Wide format commercial grade sign and graphic screen printing is a durable and cost-effective way to create long-lasting, high-quality prints.

Screen printing involves transferring ink or paints onto any surface imaginable via a mesh screen. While traditionally used for t-shirts and other fabric items, the capability of this technique originally was used for non-fabric surfaces such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, stone, and paper. Screen printing’s versatility makes it well suited for a variety of applications, including artistic projects, signs and banners, business logos and branding, custom apparel printing, interior décor elements like murals and wallpapers – even promotional products like mugs and mousepads. Screen printing is more resistant to wear than other methods, with even greater durability compared to digital printing, due to its ability to adhere better on surfaces resulting in longer-lasting images.

A freshly burnt screen for decals.

Burned Screen Above

In terms of process, the design is first burned onto a stencil called a “screen,” which is then adhered to the fabric or surface being printed on. The ink or paint is then pushed through the mesh using either a squeegee or paddle, upon which it sticks only where there are openings created by the stencil. Once dried, it can be post-processed with heat machines to ensure that the design sets into the material firmly. Screen printing can be done on almost any size surface with a repeatability rate of up to 99%. We provide wide format commercial grade screen printers allow for larger scale jobs of up to 4 feet wide - perfect for creating large graphics. We can mix different inks together you can create beautiful gradations from light to dark shades making it ideal for building signs with gradients or we can match your PMS color perfectly. Screen printing also allows you to layer multiple colors in one job – something not achievable through most other methods – thus giving designers infinite possibilities when creating their artwork!


Finished screen printed decals